Linda Downing

Welcome to an expectation: “Simplify Freedom,” a declaration, not a slogan.

Neither word qualifies as a new thought. For years, media, businesses, and products have hawked the simplify concept. From multitasking gadgets to the tiny house craze, simple items clog the credit cards of the gullible to stoke the savviest entrepreneurs’ costly fires. Every event, every thought, and every word triggers thousands of opinions.

Is simplifying possible midst all this complexity?

And then there’s freedom. Its most popular definition says freedom is being able to live our lives as we choose. Who doesn’t crave that? Can there be personal freedom in an unfree world?

Grabbing the tongue-in-cheek words of cowboy Curly from City Slickers, I ask, “Do you know what the secret of life is?” I’m even holding up one finger as he did. “One thing. Just one thing.”

Like Mitch, are you perplexed, “What is the one thing?” 

Simplify Freedom,” Curly said.

No. Wait.

He actually said, “That’s what you have to figure out.” 

Who is Linda?

I am a preacher of freedom. I am a writer. I travel with words. I ask: “What do I really want?” It has taken me a long time to answer:  “Simplify Freedom.”

What do you really want?

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